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Why upgrade pc memory?
Increasing your computer memory capability is useful if you want to increase your computer speed and performance so that you can run more programs simultaneously. If you are thinking you want to speed up my computer, it makes sense to replace older, slower, and smaller memory modules with  ones that are newer, faster and larger. This will speed up computer functions.
RAM for computer is one of the most important elements installed in the computer. RAM temporarily holds data that applications need, and applications use computer RAM memory to perform tasks quickly. The more RAM a computer has the less it has to access the hard drive to swap out data, the longer the hard drive will last, and the faster the system will perform.

Low Density = High Compatibility
Many only consider SPEED when purchasing memory and often neglect an important fact that memory DENSITY is actually even more important!
Why is memory DENSITY so important? Is it related to your system when upgrading?
The answer is YES!
People can buy high density memory at a cheaper price. These are usually branded as generic or do not have a brand name on them. While they save money on this memory, it may not work with their specific motherboard. The majority of motherboards do not accept high density modules. They usually show or register as half of what they are for example; after installing a 1GB module it only shows as 512MB or it does not work at all. This is common on all size modules. DDR and standard SDRAM included. An advice
Buy LOW DENSITY modules. It has 100% compatibility with ALL motherboards.

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